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January 18th, 2007

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04:22 pm - Quibbler Special Edition EXCLUSIVE!

We're Bringing the Truth to You!

Boy Hero: Behind the Scar

He has been the talk of the wizarding world for 17 ½ years, since the day he survived a deadly curse and diminished He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to a fraction of a threat. We have celebrated his accomplishments and shared in his sorrows, but who has heard his story from his own mouth?

With all he has done and all he has faced, one forgets that Harry Potter is barely an adult. As I look across the table at our young hero, I am reminded once again that his first victory over You-Know-Who happened when he was barely one year old.

Harry is an attractive young man: roguishly messy black hair, brilliant green eyes, and a shining lightening bolt on his forehead. He is quiet and unassuming, not at all the attention whore our cousin paper has made him out to be. One would think it amazing such a worshiped person could keep his head on his shoulders.

You’ve made quite a splash in the world, ever since the first fall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I’m pleased but of course not surprised to see it wasn’t unfounded. Tell me your views on some of the other influential names in our recent history? The late Albus Dumbledore, for example. The Minister herself (like it or not, her name does make people pay attention, though I can bet you under what encouragement).

At the mention of his late headmaster (who passed on at the end of Mr. Potter’s sixth year), a brief look of sadness passes over his face. “What can you say about Professor Dumbledore that hasn’t been said a hundred times before? He was the quintessential wizard of our age. He gave so much to our world through his studies, his influence on and education of three generations of witches and wizards, and he was the ultimate defender of all that was good and right in our world.”

The mention of the umbrage of our community seems to have lost young Mr. Potter his appetite as he pushes his tea away before continuing. “As for our illustrious Interim Minister. Let’s just say that I hope someone else moves into the office on a permanent basis quickly. The woman is unstable and in some ways worse than Voldemort.”

I am sure most of our readership are as uneasy about the name as I am, but I wish to keep his words as un-edited as possible. I think, as I see his mouth form the most feared name of our age, that his bold utterance of the name is a calling for a new age, where we not be afraid of merely a name.

You left the wizarding world in quite a puzzle when you checked out of St. Mungo’s as suddenly as you did. I can’t say I blame you in the least. Having half the Ministry and the entirety of the Daily Prophet crouching in the waiting room for your release is enough to make one wish to check back into the hospital. Tell me, Harry, what have you been doing ever since you did the public the immeasurable favour of denying the Prophet a chance to twist your words?

“Well mostly I’ve been revising so I can sit my NEWTs in June and flying. And I’ve been spending lots of time with my friends.”

I can’t help but be impressed by his tenacity. Not any wizard his age would go directly from saving the wizarding world to preparing for an exam.

Do you have any plans for the peaceful future you have won us? Any aspirations to a job or a position as Minister? I’m sure the support behind you would be insurmountable, though I dare say you’ve probably had your fill of the limelight.

“Well I’m planning to tryout for professional quidditch next summer. I’ve always loved playing and it would be nice to do something that I love for a living rather than something I’m forced to do.”

Yes, I heard you were most excellent on the pitch, though I regret to say I have never had privilege enough to see you in action. And does your future share that of a special someone? This stunning young lady beside Miss Luna, perhaps?

Mr. Potter exchanges looks with the stunning young lady seated beside him. “Oh yes, Miss Ginny Weasley definitely figures into my future plans. She was the main reason I did what I had to with Voldemort. I’m really lucky someone else didn’t snatch her up while I was away. I mean she’s the most wonderful witch.”

The young wizard shares a few glowing comparisons about his lovely witch, but this reporter wouldn’t presume to share with the world such personal affection, no matter their elegance or validity.

They share a special look before he continues. “To be honest, there isn’t another witch on the planet that is better and I can’t think of anyone that even comes close to being as perfect as she is for me. She makes me happier than I can ever remember.”

Following such a touching scene, it is a pity to return to more somber matters. My research indicates that you disappeared for well over a year, as did two of your school friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

“Well, Professor Dumbledore, before he died, worked out how Voldemort managed to survive having his Killing Curse reflected back at him when I was one.

“He spent all the years between then up until his death digging up any information he could about Tom Riddle… Erm… Tom Riddle was Voldemort’s real name. Anyhow Professor Dumbledore found out more about him than anyone else and figured out how he stayed alive.

“Voldemort constructed six Horcruxes to store six pieces of his soul in. I really don’t want to go into too much detail about the Horcruxes, I’m afraid some two bit Dark Wizard wannabe might get the idea to copy.”

That is quite understandable Mr. Potter. I am to take it, then, that Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger accompanied you on a quest of sorts to find and destroy these Horcruxes.

“Yeah. That’s what we did for most of that time.”

And what else?

“We…ummm… did research… trying to find a way destroy Tom… erm… Voldemort without using the Killing Curse.”

And I take it you were successful?

“Uhh… I feel it is best that as few people as possible know what spell I used to finish him off, it’s pretty dangerous and in the hands of the wrong person could kill innocents or backfire on the caster.”

Before we continue on, I wonder if I might ask how long the three of you have been friends?

“I met them both on the train to Hogwarts before my first year.” He smiles a bit as he reminisces. “Ron and I shared a compartment and became instant best mates. Hermione came looking for another classmate’s toad and introduced herself.

“Hermione became a good friend to both of us on Halloween that year when the three of us battled a troll that our possessed Defense professor allowed into the school.”

This young man never ceases to astound me. The three of you as first years battled a full-grown troll?

“Yeah. Our Defense professor during our first year, Quirrell, was possessed by Voldemort and let the troll in to distract the professors to give him a chance to steal the Philosopher’s Stone.

“Ron had said something particularly nasty to Hermione after Charms that day and she’d been crying in the bathroom, I remembered she’d been crying in the loo so we went to warn her, only to find the troll had cornered her there. We didn’t know much magic, but Ron was able to levitate the troll’s club and drop it on his head knocking him unconscious. After that with only a few rough patches we’ve been nigh inseparable.”

Back in your fifth year, Mr. Harry Potter, I was told Umbridge appointed herself as a teacher of defense. As we all know she was insufferably incompetent, I wonder how it is that you, your two friends, and the three other students who were with you were able to battle a handful of Death Eaters in the Ministry building at the end of your year.

“Well… erm… not many people know, but an unfortunate side effect of Voldemort trying to kill me when I was a baby was that it forged a mental link between us.”

He closes his eyes as he continues. “All during my fifth year his emotions and thoughts were bleeding though into mine. Finally, something came through and we were able to use it to save Ginny’s dad, but it tipped Voldemort off to the connection.

“Voldemort was trying to lure me to the Department of Mysteries to get a prophecy that was made about the two of us. He sent an image of my Godfather Sirius Black being tortured there.

“By that time Umbridge managed to eliminate anyone loyal to Dumbledore that could find out if Sirius was okay. We tried everything we could to find out if he was okay, but in the end the six of us rode threstrels to London to rescue him and walked into a trap.

“In the end, Dumbledore, Sirius, and some others dedicated to fighting Voldemort showed up to rescue us.” He wipes a tear away at the sad memory. “Sirius was blasted through the Veil in and killed by Bellatrix Lestrange that night before my eyes.”

So would it be a fair assumption to say that the Prophecy had something to do with you being the one to vanquish You-Know-Who?

“Yes, but I’d rather not talk about it.”

As you wish.

Having known each other so long, it must have felt natural to work together like this. Tell me about everybody’s roll in the fight.

“We did know one another’s strengths rather well. Hermione came up with a nasty spell that caused the Dark Mark on all the Death Eaters to make them feel like they were being bitten by fire ants. She managed to take an old Egyptian Curse used to protect tombs and key it to the Dark Mark.”

Am I to understand that a witch who never completed her NEWT-level classes managed to modify an ancient curse and refine it to make it target specific? How delightfully keen.

So, we know that Miss Hermione Granger was able to eliminate You-Know-Who’s supporters, but what part did Ronald Weasley play?

“Oh, well Ron was the one that came up with the whole strategy we used. He had the idea of luring Voldemort to Godric’s Hollow with a leaked rumor I was going to visit my parents’ grave on Halloween. He also helped me figure out what tactics to use once we trapped Voldemort.”

Excellent. So that just leaves your part in the enterprise. Could you give as much about what actually happened as you can?

What the young wizard reveals next is too astonishing for me to begin to describe. It is a climax of good versus evil as has never been told before, of love and sacrifice, of bravery the likes of which Godric Gryffindor and Albus Dumbledor would be proud.

But as much as there is still left unasked, I fear the interview must come to a close for now. Perhaps in the future we will have the chance at another glimpse into young Mr. Potter’s fascinating life.
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