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The Wizarding Inspirer - The Quibbler!

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July 31st, 2007

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11:10 pm - The Wizarding Inspirer
Undocumented Magical Creatures

Coastal Schmizzle or Castro Lizard

The Coastal Schmizzle can be found in lush, humid gardens in Northern California and along the Oregon Coast. It lives inside small nests resembling pomegranates in size and color. The Castro Lizard (as it is popularly known) only leaves its nest for a short period of time, that being the rising and setting of the sun. Its diet consists of any number of sweet and brightly colored fruits and foliage.

The common Castro is five inches in length and, from nose to tail, bears the complete visible color spectrum with black stocking'd feet and black eyes. It is covered with sticky mucus, which is why I suggested placing it in the XXX category. This mucus is the Castro's only defense against enemies and is, truthfully, the only defense it needs. The substance is an on-contact tranquilizer powerful enough to knock out a grown man for up to seven days. Children who have happened upon a Castro and had the misfortune of touching one have been under for as long as three weeks. Thirty percent of all coma patients in Northern California are victims to the Castro's mucus.

Because of its strong sedative properties, the mucus the Castro produces is in high demand by dragon tamers and Wizarding hospitals. Castro farmers can lead a very comfortable lifestyle, if they follow the proper precautions and maintain their license, which must be renewed every six months. However, these farmers must be extremely patient as the mucus from ten Castros only measured one teaspoon. Ambitious farmers will dilute or concentrate the mucus in home labs, which are also strictly regulated. Dragon tamers will pay top dollar for pre-concentrated solutions, while the hospitals will pay just as nicely for pre-diluted solutions.

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